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Diving deep into the FinTech space to discover and nurture outstanding teams and companies

Traditional Japanese pearl diver

Traditional Japanese pearl diver

BlackFin Capital Partners focuses exclusively on the financial services sector, across Europe. The firm is active both in the "buyout" space with investment vehicles BlackFin Financial Services Fund (€220m) and BlackFin Financial Services Fund II (€400m), and the "venture" space with the launch of its BlackFin Tech Fund 1.

We are a highly specialized firm, founded and managed by four experienced entrepreneurs from the financial industry, with a dedicated FinTech team to select and support the most promising and successful entrepreneurs in the financial sector.

Investing in FinTech is more than just mastering clever buzz words. It takes hard work, research and insight to find the right opportunities. It requires having the right contacts, a deep network of experts and talent, and being, at all times, a highly regarded partner for all stakeholders. It demands having a long term-vision of where the financial industry is headed.

Above all, successfully investing in the FinTech space requires partnering with the best managers and teams, and providing their companies with all the necessary ressources.

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